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Land Use/Agriculture

Even complex societies ultimately depend on farming for survival. Today, agriculture is also increasingly supplying raw materials for industry. How do we balance the increasing demands on land with the needs of wildlife and our desire for an attractive countryside?

Energy & Climate Change

Energy security is vital both to maintain the way of life in industrialised societies and to improve the lives of people in developing countries. But our use of fossil fuels is blamed for climate change. What are the real issues and solutions?


People today travel more and over longer distances, both for work and pleasure, than earlier generations ever dreamed of. This means that more of both rural and urban areas are devoted to fulfilling the need. How do we reconcile the freedom to travel with impact on the environment? 

Welcome to the Scientific Alliance

The Scientific Alliance is a non-profit membership-based organisation bringing together both scientists and non-scientists committed to rational discussion and debate on the challenges facing the environment today.To read about our current campaigns, please click on any of the links above. These will lead you to our campaign information, articles, news, press releases and comments areas.

Current Issues

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What's New

7 October 2015; Letter in The Times on the safety of low doses of radiation, as Chernobyl becomes a wildlife haven.