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Energy & Climate Change

Our modern society depends on affordable, reliable supplies of energy, both distributed for industrial and in-home use, and for transport. Developing countries – most of which have been relatively energy-poor until recently – are rapidly increasing their use of energy as their economies grow. The world depends for its current needs primarily on fossil fuels: coal, oil and gas. But concern about the effect of increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere on global climate has focussed attention in recent years on replacement of fossil fuels by non-CO2 emitting energy sources, such as solar, wind and nuclear. Policies designed to reduce CO2 emissions are not necessarily the best ones to promote energy security or help developing countries to prosper. There are important decisions to be taken which will affect the lives of all of us. It is vital that the evidence for human influence on climate is debated openly and that all viable approaches to energy security are properly considered.

Current Issues

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What's New

7 October 2015; Letter in The Times on the safety of low doses of radiation, as Chernobyl becomes a wildlife haven.