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Support Us

The Scientific Alliance can only function effectively with the support of its members and sponsors. We welcome individual and corporate members who believe in our aims and aspirations. Over time, we hope to provide specific membership benefits.

Current annual individual membership costs £25. Corporate membership rates depend on the size of the organization.

In addition to welcoming members, we rely on the generosity of donors who contribute either towards our general running costs or specific activities. Anyone considering making a donation should, in the first instance, contact our director, Martin Livermore.

Your support of the Scientific Alliance is crucial in achieving our main aims:

  • Campaign for the use of sound science in the environmental debate
  • Encourage discussion through a programme of conferences and debates
  • Provide a forum for informed debate and the exchange of scientific opinions
  • Expose environmental policy based upon poor science

You can support us in various ways:

Current Issues

Complacency about UK energy security

The Scientific Alliance has published an important and authoritative examination of National Grid's Future Energy Scenarios. The authors - Dr Capell Aris and Colin Gibson - conclude that at least 6 more conventional power stations are needed to ensure a secure electricity supply when wind farms cannot deliver.

What's New

29 June 2016: See letter about electric cars in The Times