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Wrong battle

So our politicians are going to get together to “battle global warming” (your report, 31 August)? Since Scotland is responsible for less than 0.5 per cent of world CO2 emissions I cannot see the rest of the world taking much notice.

Here in Malaysia, rainforest is still being logged illegally and ripped out (legally) for oil palms.

Petrol and diesel are subsidised, resulting in traffic jams that make Sheriffhall roundabout look like a race track, and hotels run air conditioning from heavily CO2- and particulate-emitting diesel generators.

If our politicians wish to spend our taxes to subsidise solar energy, for example, then they might spend them supporting it in the tropics where it is five times more effective than in Scotland and could replace some of these polluting diesel generators.

If the WWF really cared about wildlife then it could lobby for a ban on biodiesel to discourage oil palm being planted and destroying the irreplaceable habitat of orangutan and Borneo’s other fauna.

Jack Ponton



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