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The 'dash for gas' and energy policy

Sir, At last it seems that the Government is beginning to see sense on energy policy. Building more gas-fired power stations (together with new nuclear, which is not as expensive as some reports suggest) to provide energy security at an affordable price will serve the country much better than a dash for expensive, inefficient and unpopular wind farms.

Germany has chosen a different route, and its vast expenditure on wind and solar energy means that German consumers now pay 60 per cent more for electricity than we do, the second highest price in Europe. Danish consumers are even worse off, paying almost twice as much as their UK counterparts, largely because of the country’s high reliance on wind energy.

The Government may have nominal targets for reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, but whatever the EU does will be offset many times over by China’s continued growth in energy use. Building gas and nuclear power stations will continue to be the most rational and affordable option for the foreseeable future.

Martin Livermore
Scientific Alliance, Cambridge Copyright Times Newspapers 2012

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