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About the Scientific Alliance

Formed in 2001, the Scientific Alliance is a non-profit membership-based organisation, based in Cambridge. The Alliance brings together both scientists and non-scientists committed to rational discussion and debate on the challenges facing the environment today.

Members of the Scientific Alliance are concerned about the many ways in which science is often misinterpreted, and at times misrepresented, within both policy circles and in the media. The Alliance thus works to overcome this misunderstanding by aiming to:

  • Promote sound science in the environmental debate;
  • Ensure that scientific arguments remain prominent throughout the policy making process;
  • Facilitate an informed dialogue between all stakeholders involved in the environmental debate through events and publications.

The Scientific Alliance is led by a Scientific Advisory Forum comprised of respected scientists and experts from many different fields. They set the Scientific Alliance’s general policies and together with other members of the Scientific Alliance, act as spokespeople for the organisation. The Alliance's director is Martin Livermore.

As a membership-based campaign organisation, the Alliance welcomes donations from individuals, scientific and academic institutions, societies, trusts, companies, trade associations and other organisations. Donations and support are crucial to enable the Alliance to carry out its work, but they are only accepted if made without conditions and afford no influence on the policies of the Scientific Alliance.

Unlike many of the organisations that we are at times critical of - including established environmental activist groups and bodies representing the renewable energy industry - the Alliance keeps its running costs to a minimum and manages on a very modest funding base. We do our best to balance the rather skewed debate on environmental issues with very limited resources, and any additional donations will make a real difference to our effectiveness. 

Current Issues

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What's New

7 October 2015; Letter in The Times on the safety of low doses of radiation, as Chernobyl becomes a wildlife haven.