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Climate change and the world's poorest

The Times

Economically developed countries must lead the world in tackling climate change

Sir, In the face of economic crisis we have seen what is achievable when countries unite in a common cause. But with the world at the brink of ecological disaster and millions of poor people already living on the front line of climate change, it is essential that this ambition be heightened as world leaders meet this week at the UN climate negotiations in Poland (letters, Dec 6).

Politically modified

Wall Street Journal Europe, 7th November 2007

A majority of European environment ministers last week declined to overturn Austria's ban on the import of genetically modified crops. Only days earlier, Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas opposed the approval of two GM maize varieties for cultivation. French President Nicolas Sarkozy, meanwhile, plans to suspend farmers' rights to grow any type of GM crop in France.

Response to the government's consultation on the draft climate change bill.

Response sent jointly with the Centre for Policy Studies


Targets and Budgets

Setting statutory targets

1.         Is the Government right to set unilaterally ­a long-term legal target for reducing CO2 emissions through domestic and international action by 60% by 2050 and a further interim legal target for 2020 of 26-32%?


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