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Climate Control - The Impossible Dream

The IPCC tomorrow launches the third part of its latest Assessment Report, dealing with issues of mitigation. It is expected to say that it would be cost-effective to take radical measures to cut emissions of carbon dioxide in order to stabilise atmospheric concentrations at a level below 550 parts per million (ppm), and that this must be done to avoid the risk of dangerous climate change. However, this target is itself being attacked by activists for being too weak. According to them, 450 ppm is the danger level above which there will be serious negative impacts on life on Earth.

Dissent on climate change

International Herald Tribune

If global warming is just a consequence of natural climatic fluctuations, similar to well-documented, geologically caused climate changes, wouldn't we rather adapt to a warming world than to spend trillions of dollars on a futile exercise to contain carbon dioxide emissions?


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