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SA Scotland welcomes Ineos plans for a major new Scottish shale gas community engagement programme

Scientific Alliance Scotland has welcomed Ineos’ plans for its shale gas community engagement programme.  The announcement is expected to include more details on an existing promise to pay millions of pounds to people affected by shale gas extraction.

Professor Tony Trewavas, Chairman of the Scientific Alliance Scotland, said: “This announcement is good news for the Scottish economy, Scottish consumers, and the local communities. A domestic supply of clean gas will assure sustainable employment in an important industrial sector and, ultimately, lessen dependence on imported fuels. Fracking is both well proven as a safe extraction technique and highly regulated. Unlike wind farms, gas wells produce a reliable source of energy with minimal visual impact or noise nuisance.  As 85% of the UK uses gas for heating this internal source can only help to reduce fuel poverty."

He went on: “It must be acknowledged, however, that the drilling and extraction phase, although relatively short lived, could prove disruptive to nearby residents who should of course be fully compensated for any temporary loss of amenity.  This would be a welcome contrast to the usual practices of the wind industry.”

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