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Scientific Alliance Slams Audit Scotland Renewables Report

Scientific Alliance Scotland has questioned whether Audit Scotland is giving value for money to Scottish taxpayers after reviewing its report on Renewable Energy published last week.  The Alliance has called the report “complacent and anodyne” and is highly critical of the partisan nature of the Audit Scotland advisory group. 

Scientific Alliance Scotland Chairman Professor Tony Trewavas said: “Far from being the thorough and forensic dismemberment of current Scottish Government renewables energy policy which it should be, this report is very disappointing.  In particular, the advisory group providing input for this study is no more than a collection of individuals representing vested interests.  No opportunity seems to have been afforded to individuals and organisations critical of Government policy to express their views.”

Professor Trewavas added: “For this reason, the report pays no attention to either the scientific facts, wider economic issues, or indeed the many and varied technical problems associated with wind energy.  This begs the question whether Audit Scotland is the objective and impartial organisation required to hold the Scottish Government to account on such matters, and whether this lack of objectivity is spread across its other responsibilities. If it is merely a vehicle to rubber stamp the machinations of Government then we all need to think again.”

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