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Scientific Alliance Slams Brainwashing of Schoolchildren by Government and Renewables Industry

The Scientific Alliance Scotland has reacted angrily to government at national and local level assisting the renewables industry to target schoolchildren with windfarm propaganda.   In an outrageous exploitation of innocent minds, North Ayrshire Council handed primary schoolchildren a letter written by Community Windpower Ltd, encouraging their parents to endorse an extension to Millour Hill Wind Farm.  The same local authority will also consider whether planning permission should be granted.

At the same time, the Scottish Government has announced an additional £36,000 to Planning Aid Scotland “to get young people more involved in the planning system and, in particular, the development of onshore opportunities arising from offshore renewables.”

The Scientific Alliance Scotland believes that our elected representatives have a duty to educate children properly and equip them to think for themselves and come to their own conclusions as adults. Force-feeding them with biased information to support a currently fashionable cause is not part of that remit and teachers should refuse to play any role in this. 

Scientific Alliance Scotland Chairman Professor Tony Trewavas:

“Exploitation of children for financial gain is contemptible whatever the area of activity.  I doubt that the morality of what they were doing even crossed their minds. The aim of this wind farm company to make grotesque profits by destroying countryside over rides everything else. Clearly they regard the local populace with considered contempt to exploit their children in this way. But where is the objection by the headmaster, the teachers and was parental approval given?  What is worse is that we have a government that connives in this behaviour because there is no governmental structure in Scotland that can oversee its policies and can exert delay or constraint.”

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