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Scottish Renewables Policy Not Compatible With Independence

Speaking at the launch of the Scientific Alliance’s Scottish branch on Thursday 27 June in Edinburgh, Dr John Constable of the Renewable Energy Foundation will say that the Scottish Government’s current renewables policy is not compatible with independence.  This delivers yet another blow to the rapidly disintegrating “YesScotland” campaign. 

The Scientific Alliance champions the cause of evidence-based policymaking and SA Scotland is already concentrating its efforts on energy.  This is one of the Scottish Government’s key policy areas but has hopelessly ambitious targets.

Dr Constable will focus on the expensive and unrealistic nature of both the UK and Scottish Government’s renewables policies.  In particular, he will talk about the ridiculous level of subsidies and say that people should be horrified by the ability of speculators to make vast amounts of money at consumers’ expense.

Dr Constable: “Climate and energy policy has been unduly influenced by green lobby groups and exploited by money grabbing investors. The voice of the consumer has been all but excluded. This situation cannot continue and makes no economic sense.  Rather than encouraging old, expensive and inadequate technologies, at enormous expense, governments should be encouraging invention and innovation to produce new technologies"

Scientific Alliance Scotland Chairman Professor Tony Trewavas added: “It is astonishing that in a country with such natural scenic beauty should have a Nationalist government so intent on destroying it.  Making all of us pay for this destruction is the final insult. Our rapidly increasing burden of debt threatens everyone’s future including those not yet born.  If independence comes, then that burden will be placed on the shoulders of every Scot and could see most of us plummet into disastrous fuel poverty.”

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