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Scientific Alliance Scotland

The Scientific Alliance Scotland is the Edinburgh-based, Scottish branch of the Scientific Alliance.  Launched in 2013, it comprises an Advisory Forum drawn from a range of Scotland-based experts in sciences and academia, plus a wider membership from many different backgrounds.  Its remit is to engage with Scottish media, Government and Parliament on topics in the Scientific Alliance’s field of interests which are of specific relevance to Scotland, including those which are devolved from Westminster to the Holyrood Parliament.

All have signed up to the Scientific Alliance’s Declaration:

“Scientific advances have provided, and will continue to provide, solutions to many environmental problems. While differences of opinion are welcome and, indeed, play a vital role in the development of both science and society, the Scientific Alliance is concerned about the many ways in which science is misinterpreted and at times misrepresented.

If optimal use is to be made of currently available resources, policies must be based upon sound and reliable information. The Scientific Alliance provides a forum for addressing environmental problems based on sound science.”


Contact Scientific Alliance Scotland

Scientific Alliance Scotland
7-9 North St David Street
Edinburgh EH2 1AW

Tel: 0131 524 9414

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Tel: +44 7957 859067

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7 October 2015; Letter in The Times on the safety of low doses of radiation, as Chernobyl becomes a wildlife haven.