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The work of the Scientific Alliance can only be carried out with the support of our members. As a member, you will:

  • Secure your own active involvement and support for the Alliance, helping shape our future direction;
  • Contribute to the funding of our activities and events;
  • Help us grow, thereby enhancing our campaigning strength and credibility;
  • Have opportunities to contribute to our campaigns and bring up scientific issues of concern through members' surveys and submissions;
  • Have the opportunity to network with other supporters of the Alliance.

At the moment, we are not in a position to offer additional membership benefits, although we intend to in future.


Scientific Alliance Membership:

Our membership payments are taken through Paypal. How secure is Paypal? - Find out more

There is no need to have a paypal account - payments can be made directly with your credit / debit card using the security of the paypal system.

Current Issues

Future costs of UK energy supply

The Scientific Alliance recently published part 1 of an examination of National Grid's Future Energy Scenarios, dealing with security of supply. We are now pleased to publish part 2 - cost of supply. The authors - Dr Capell Aris and Colin Gibson - conclude that building more gas and nuclear stations would be considerably less expensive than any of the NG scenarios, as well as offering better energy security.

What's New

14 October 2016: Read the new report by Dr Capell Aris, published jointly with the Adam Smith Institute - Solar power in Britain: the Impossible Dream