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Less than 200 years ago, the first commercial railway line was opened, from Stockton to Darlington. This ushered in the era of easy travel, greatly accelerated by the invention of the internal combustion engine and powered flight. We have moved from an era where every community was largely self-sufficient to one where everywhere is interconnected and the freedom to travel locally, nationally and internationally is taken for granted. Most of us make use of this freedom, whether to commute to work, visit friends or go on holiday. We also accept that our food and other goods come from far and wide. The downside of all this is increasing impact of transport infrastructure – roads, railways, airports etc – on our environment, and regular delays and congestion. The ability to separate where we live from where we work and where our food supply comes from has profoundly changed society and turning the clock back is not an option. Making sure we build urban areas which are good for people to live in, and provide as best as possible for people’s transport needs is a challenge which has to be met.

Space Cadets (May 14,2007)

Current Issues

RIP Bob Carter

Prof Bob Carter, who eloquently put forward evidence-based arguments sceptical of mainstream climate science, died suddenly in January. For an equally eloquent tribute, see

A clock tune in honor of a true man of true science.

What's New

26 May 2016: See email exchange on GM crops issue with Peter Melchett, Policy Director of the Soil Association.